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A MEASURE of Student Success

            The world of schools is changing with federal and state mandates, high-stakes testing, school improvement goals, and other accountability programs in the forefront. School counselors must focus on ways to participate in the achievement agenda and speak the language that administrators best understand which is about improving our schools.

            How can data-driven decision making involve all stakeholders, impact the school counseling program and help every student succeed? Explore the ways that school counselors can demonstrate their effectiveness and be partners in educational excellence.

           MEASURE., a six step accountability model, helps school counselors use readily available school data to support all students to become successful learners, especially our underserved and underrepresented populations. MEASURE demonstrates the impact of school counseling on measurable indicators of success such as attendance, grades, test scores, course enrollment patterns, and higher education going rates.  

           MEASURE, an acronym for Mission, Elements, Analyze, Stakeholders, Unite, Reflect, Educate, ties the school’s success agenda and positive student outcomes due to the presence of school counselors.

           MEASURE: The Six Steps